Ensemble Power Workshop 

Get on the One!


Ensemble Power (EP) is an explosive, dynamic, and interactive workshop designed to elevate the artistic endeavors for artists of all ages! This workshop incorporates the elements of voice, acting, dance and creative writing training in an attempt to demonstrate the dynamics and importance of ensemble theatre. Ensemble members should get ready to be led through vocal, dance and acting exercises that will prepare them for a short ensemble performance piece. Throughout the workshop, ensemble members are also given the opportunity to explore their creativity and add their own "Flava" to the piece! Ensemble Power is a workshop designed to be educational, yet extremely exciting!!! It's bound to leave ALL feeling empowered as an individual, and definitely on the one as an ensemble member! Welcome to Ensemble Power!!!


More than just a theatre workshop

The goal of Ensemble Power is to help participants thrive in every arena they walk into. Whether it's walking into school, a job interview or into an audition, Ensemble Power hones in on building focus and confidence techniques that are successful anywhere! All participants are encouraged to write and use their imagination. Everyone will leave this exciting workshop feeling more comfortable in the areas of singing, dancing, acting and voice articulation. They will also walk away with a tool that allows them to have the adaptability to work as an individual or as an ensemble teammate. The benefits of Ensemble Power and learning to work in an ensemble are endless! 


Ensemble Power = Song.Dance.Drama.Creative Writing + YOU!

Ensemble Power is a two to three hour workshop for all ages and adjusts depending on the age of participants, time allowance, and size of group. Ensemble Power can be held with as few participants as 10 people and as many as 40. We offer workshops for youth groups ages (9-18), college students (18-25), young adults (25+), adult (40+), and senior citizens (55-65). Each workshop has up to four phases that include song, movement, theater, and creative writing. 





Ms. Chi Ife Okwumabua (Ife)Chi Ife Okwumabua proudly wears more than one crown for her talents on and off stage. She has worked as a show producer, production manager, event planner, actress, director and songwriter for various productions nationally and internationally. Chi Ife recently produced the US premiere of Dr. Zulu Sofola’s classic love story, Wedlock of the Gods at the Southwest Arts Center bringing authentic African Theatre to Atlanta. Chi Ife was on the planning committee of Dance Africa Atlanta presented by Giwayen Mata African Dance company and worked with Georgia State University on the premier of the South African one woman show, Mother to Mother which will return for the Africa Atlanta festival. Ife has a diploma in Theatre Studies from Atlanta’s famous Tri-Cities high school of Visual and Performing Arts. In 2002, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Georgia State University. In 2006, she had the wonderful opportunity to work as the Management Associate and Intern Program Coordinator for The Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (YEA) as a recipient of the Theatre Communications Group New Generations Program. She received a Master’s degree in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art And Design (Atlanta) in March 2012. Ife is the Founder and Executive Director of Chi Ife Productions, LLC, a multi-purpose production company that creates theatrical and educational productions via film or stage.



Ms. DeAndrea Crawford (Dee) DeAndrea Crawford is known for her passion and drive to pursue excellence. As a performer DeAndrea has worked with organizations such as the Alliance Theatre, 7Stages, Youth Ensemble of Atlanta, Horizons, AGI Entertainment, Essential Theater, Destiny Metropolitan Church, Paramount Films, Children’s Museum of Atlanta, Arrow Records, and LA Fitness; she's danced as a backup dancer/choreographer for various artists, has developed new talent and artist under artist development training, and has instructed dance programs and performing art workshops for various organizations, She's recently completed a world wide tour as co-host and promotional spokes-person for the UniverSoul Circus. She's excited for each opportunity that presents itself, is determined to continue to train and grow as an artist, and stirred up to use everything she’s learned thru performing arts to help inspire, motivate and change lives!


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CONTACT: ife@chi-ife.com