9:30AM TO 11:30AM

Chi Ife Productions in collaboration with Sunni Williams invites you to audition for A Song for Adaeze - two-week intensive workshop and performance. A Song for Adaeze is an Afro-Futurism Musical Production rooted in folklore from West Africa and the Diaspora with an eclectic Sci-fi twist and an amazing palate of thought-provoking musical numbers. We are seeking actors, singers, and dancers (triple threats) 18 to 50 years of age who are of Latin, African, Caribbean, and Black American ethnicity to participate in a workshop and performance. This unique opportunity will provide participants with professional training, mentorship, industry insight and the chance to audition for an exciting production.

Audition requirements:

Attendees must be prepared to perform a song, a 1-2minute monologue, and choreography. Be prepared for cold readings.  Please submit headshot and resume. 

Character Descriptions:

Adaeze - An eccentric and first daughter of the King.  18 of Black/African descent

Zahur - Self-involved young man and loved interest of Adaeze. 18 of Black/African descent

Zauditu (Dee) - Bold and outspoken cousin to Adaeze and Eldest daughter in her family. 18 of Black/African descent

Oriaku (Oree)    Sister to Zauditu. 18 of Black/African descent

Osiris - Adaeze’s younger brother, but the first male son. 18 of Black/African descent

The Oracle - Griot and spiritual advisor. Male age 35 to 50 Black/African descent

Obaafemi (Femi) - Female elder and teacher of the girls. Female age 35 to 50 Black/African descent.

Kibibi - Best friend to Adaeze. -18 of Caribbean descent

Chipo – Friend of Osiris 18 of Afro Latin descent

Iffy - Friends of Osiris - 18 of African descent

Omu women - Spiritual women and vocal trio 

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