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The Artist’s Party Party

Theatre -Dance – Fashion –Visual Art

Bring the party to your venue  - or via phone at 678-995-3756.



The Artist’s Party Party -Theatre -Dance – Fashion –Visual Art The Artist Party is a late night event that integrates artistic genres (theater, dance, music, & visual art) in an afterhours party style setting .Featuring performances by various artists throughout the evening this show/party introduces audiences to an interactive gathering unseen in Atlanta’s social scene.


The Artist’s Party will be held quarterly and will serve our mission in arts advocacy and supporting Atlanta’s rising artists. The first Artist Party was held Saturday, March 5th from 7:30pm to 11:00pm at Our Place Bakery and Café in historic College Park, GA. The Artist’s Party ~ Return to Eden, featured four talented artists presenting a mélange of performances that were in sync with the guest DJ EREC. Our Place Café was an optimal location because of its thriving community and close proximity to Atlanta’s Camp Creek work-live neighborhood. Because of the intimacy of the venue, The Artist Party welcomed an audience between 75 to 100 persons.


Host the Artist Party!


Because the mission of the Artist Party is to expose nontraditional audiences to Atlanta’s thriving arts scene, Chi-Ife Productions welcomes partnerships with promoters and venue owners to attract young and diverse patrons.


The Artist Party is a great way to introduce your venue to new audiences and a great fundraiser for businesses interested in profit sharing. Chi-Ife Productions believes that by partnering with promoters or with venue owners to present the next Artist's Party, all parties’ involved and attendees will benefit from a one-of-a-kind event that supports the arts and presents a new club experience to Atlanta’s social scene.


To book the Artist Party at your venue contact us at or via phone at 678-995-3756.

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